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Better Patient Accountability Documents?

March 10, 2011 We’re starting to hear more and more examples of doctors asking – sometimes demanding – new patients & families read and sign documents promising not to file frivolous lawsuits, agreeing to arbitration, etc. A year ago a … Continue reading

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Disclosure Trumps NPDB

March 7, 2011 The database – it’s an issue. It’s always been an issue for physicians, and in some ways it has become more of an issue with the disclosure movement taking root. “But, is my name going to go … Continue reading

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Hospitals and Disaster Plans

March 3, 2011… Last summer I heard Jim Conway of IHI give a presentation on handling adverse events, and he made an interesting comment I’ve never forgotten: Most hospitals have detailed response plans for fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, and terrorist attacks … Continue reading

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Doctors Admitting Mistakes Reduce Liability Claims….

March 2, 2011…. Great article written by Pauline Chen of the New York Times that appeared in Africa — this piece actually ran last year and Sorry Works! Founder Doug Wojcieszak interviewed with Dr. Chen while was develping and writing … Continue reading

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