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Question from Road: Lose Leverage with Apology?

Two weeks ago I gave a presentation to a room full of attorneys in Cincinnati, and a defense lawyer asked the following question: “Don’t you lose leverage when you apologize?   Your ability to negotiate goes right out the window, correct?  … Continue reading

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Oregon’s State-Wide Push for Disclosure and Apology

Earlier this year we reported on the impressive state-wide effort in Massachusetts to advance apology & disclosure.  Well, folks in Oregon are attempting their own comprehensive push.  The Governor, legislature, and a special task force have developed a plan to … Continue reading

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Be Careful When Relating to Patients & Families Post-Event

A few weeks ago after wrapping up a talk to a group of practice administrators, a woman came up to me in tears and explained how she is suing a doctor over the death of her husband but everything would … Continue reading

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Don’t “Hide the Football” Post-Event

When something goes wrong, patients and families will often ask to see the medical records and the chart.  Now, we have to keep HIPAA in mind when talking with family members….maybe the patient really doesn’t want his crazy uncle from … Continue reading

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