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Medscape: 93% of Surveyed Physicians Feel “Sorry” Would Not Prevent Lawsuits

Medscape released a survey yesterday that said, among other things, in a sample group of physicians that had been sued 93% of those docs feel that saying “I’m sorry” would not have prevented the lawsuit.  This is actually very important data for the … Continue reading

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Dad Forgives Pharmacist for Fatal Dosing Error

In my eight+ years of work within Sorry Works! I have met some truly amazing people….and Chris Jerry is on that list.  Chris lost his beautiful two-year old daughter, Emily, to a dosing error.  The supervising pharmacist was convicted and sent to … Continue reading

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Identifying Team Members? — Reflections on Disclosure Policies

A few weeks ago I  wrote the original post below, and many people read this e-newsletter and  shared with colleagues.  I want to add to this discussion by reflecting  on the “Don’ts sections” found in most disclosure policies,  especially as it relates to identifying … Continue reading

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Patient Video on Disclosure Programs + Update from Massachusetts State-Wide Disclosure Program

I recently received an e-mail from our friends at MITSS with a video from a patient who suffered harm in a Boston hospital in 2007 and did NOT receive disclosure…and the video provides this patient’s perspective on what is needed … Continue reading

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