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Question from the Road: How Do You Handle “Gray” Cases?

When disclosure is discussed or taught, people (including myself) will often talk about clear-cut, perhaps extreme cases of error that caused harm or even death, and how disclosure coupled with apology, fair compensation, etc diminished the anger and provided quicker closure … Continue reading

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Patient-Doctor Partnership Pact

Last week I gave a presentation on disclosure on behalf of a company for which I had already trained their docs on empathy and apology.   So, there were many familiar faces in the crowd.  Now, disclosure is a message that needs to … Continue reading

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Sorry Works! Presentations thus far for Fall 2013

Today kicks off the Sorry Works! Fall 2013 speaking schedule, and below is our schedule thus far. Perhaps your organization can be added to this list?  (Note: We don’t publicly identify organizations).  Sorry Works! presentations are a great way to educate your … Continue reading

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Aviation Safety & Medical Errors…This Hand Being Overplayed?

Last week an article appeared on the news wires that reported Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger of the “Miracle on the Hudson” fame is spending a lot of time in his retirement trying to make medicine safer.  In fact, “Sully” is a sought-after speaker for … Continue reading

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