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Avoiding “Buyer’s Remorse” & Disclosure

Thanks to disclosure, more and more risk managers in acute and long-term care settings are learning that they can change post-discussions from anger to understanding.  In so doing, they can literally sit down with a patient or a family and … Continue reading

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Poor People Less Likely to Accept Disclosure?

I was speaking at a conference recently, and encountered an insurance executive from the Southern United States who said the following to me: “I don’t think poor people would go for disclosure….I think they’ll see it as a lottery ticket.  Maybe disclosure can … Continue reading

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Hospital Throws Away Kidney, Apologizes, Denies Negligence

Last year Sarah Fudacz, age 24, desperately needed a kidney transplant, and her younger brother, Paul, age 20, turned out to be a perfect match.  One hitch: The hospital threw away Paul’s kidney before they could transplant it into Sarah. … Continue reading

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