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Christian’s Story: Importance of Staying Connected Post-Event….

Yesterday I stumbled across a story posted on Facebook written by James Padilla, JD, who lost his young son to an adverse medical event.  James wrote a moving essay about the disclosure process that he went through with the doctors, … Continue reading

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Involving Consumers in Post-Event Reviews: Health Affairs Disclosure Articles

The January 2014 edition of Health Affairs published a series of six articles on the disclosure and apology movement.  I am going to be reviewing these articles over the next week, starting with the article titled: “Structuring Patient and Family Involvement in … Continue reading

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Hospital Apologizes for Baby Mix-Up, Nurse Gets Fired

Below are links for a recent story where newborns got mixed up, one baby was given to the wrong mother who breastfed, and when the error was discovered the involved parents were justifiably horrified.  Oak Bend Hospital outside Houston, TX apologized to the involved … Continue reading

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How Quickly Should Medical Records Be Provided to Families?

Many of you have followed the Jahi McMath tragedy which unfolded over the holiday season.  It was (and still continues to be) a red-hot story. Lots of accusations lobbed back and forth, including comments from the family and their attorney … Continue reading

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