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Hotline Numbers on Back of Bathroom Stall Doors

During recent disclosure training seminars, I repeatedly heard from experienced, seasoned doctors that not only do they not have any idea what to say to families post-event, they also have no idea who to call for help when something goes … Continue reading

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Identifying and Fighting Passive Resistance to Disclosure

When I was first giving Sorry Works! presentations 10 years ago, it was not uncommon to have an attorney, doctor, or claims manager stand up and debate me. They would say disclosure was a horrible idea, and then utter some not-so-nice … Continue reading

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Comment from Family About Sending Mail After Adverse Events

Last week we posted about the Jahi McMath lawsuit and, in so doing, drove home the point about NOT sending marketing magazines, bills, fundraising appeals, surveys, etc to families who have suffered adverse medical events — see below for original post. It’s … Continue reading

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Iowa Doctors and Trial Lawyers Working Together on Disclosure & Apology

Hawkeye State physicians and personal injury lawyers are working together to promote disclosure and apology. These long-time adversaries are joined hand-in-hand on legislation in the Iowa capitol that is similar to recently established state-wide programs in Oregon and Massachusetts, including … Continue reading

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Weekend Wrap: Jahi McMath Lawsuit and Sorry Works! Connection

Many of you will remember the story of Jahi McMath, the young girl who suffered a major adverse event following a tonsillectomy at Children’s Hospital Oakland, was declared brain dead, then her family fought successfully to have her kept on … Continue reading

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Review of Disclosure Webinar Conducted by The Risk Authority- Stanford University

Last Thursday (Feb.26th) many of our readers enjoyed the disclosure webinar produced by The Risk Authority/Stanford University. The panelists for the webinar were Michelle Mello, JD, PhD, Dr. Tom Gallagher, and Leilani Schweitzer. For those of you who were not … Continue reading

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