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Question from the Road: Lose a Patient?

Yesterday I did a webinar for a large hospital system, and the following question was posed during Q&A: “I’m in charge of our system’s ambulance service, and, well, every so often we lose a patient. What do we say to … Continue reading

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2nd Victims of Medical Errors and the Disclosure Movement

Recently I had dinner with a CMO for a major medical system, and the CMO said it really upsets him when a defense lawyer tells a doc “not to worry about an adverse event or a lawsuit….it will go away…that’s what … Continue reading

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Resources for Attorneys Trying to Understand Disclosure

Defense and plaintiffs lawyers are key pieces in any disclosure process, yet, due to lack of knowledge and cultural issues, they can often be barriers — especially defense lawyers.  A few weeks ago I penned a column on fighting passive resistancein … Continue reading

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