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Hospital Apologizes for Death of 19-Year Old Killed By Medical Errors

In 2011, teenager Bronte Doyne’s stomach troubles were diagnosed as a rare form of liver cancer. Surgeons removed part of her liver and thought they had beaten the disease. However, Bronte continued to experience stomach problems and she and her … Continue reading

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Defense Lawyers, Claims Guys Just Don’t Get Open Med-Mal Settlements…

Two weeks ago I penned a column about keeping med-mal settlements open (not closed) to encourage learning, sharing of stories, and healing — and to also encourage more transparency and disclosure. See below for original column. I shared this e-newsletter … Continue reading

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2nd Victim Label Angering Some Patients and Families?

Two weeks ago I published an e-newsletter about the need to infuse 2nd victim support into your disclosure program, and mentioned that I dedicated an entire chapter to this concept in the new Sorry Works! Tool Kit Book. Then, I … Continue reading

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Building 2nd Victim Support in Your Disclosure Program

Supporting clinicians or 2nd victims impacted by adverse medical events is a budding field in medicine. In fact, the last two hospitals I helped with implementation of their disclosure programs the medical staff listed support of 2nd victims as their top … Continue reading

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