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Hospital Leaves Tube in Aorta, Doesn’t Tell Patient, Fights Lawsuit — great test case for risk, claims, and legal team. How would they handle differently?

I have a 10-year old and 6-year old. My son, Will, the 10-year old, is my buddy, while Claire, the six-year old, is my joy. Will and I do a lot together, while Claire can put a smile on my … Continue reading

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RN Daughter Develops Video with Hospital Where Dad Died from Medical Errors

Today we have a guest column from Deena Sowa McCollum, BSN, RN. Deena shares the story of the death of her father due to medical errors and how the hospital was initially unresponsive. Deena was extremely persistent, her dogged efforts finally … Continue reading

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Sexual Assault Victim, Oregon State Univ. Provide Powerful Example for Hospitals/Nursing Homes

A friend recently sent me an article about a young woman who had been gang-raped by Oregon State University football players in the late 90’s, the school and local prosecutors shoved the case (and the woman) under the rug…and then … Continue reading

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Gag Order/Confidentiality Project from Sorry Works! — need your opinion

In last week’s Sorry Works! e-blast about the toddler dying during a dental procedure, there was a quote from a dental professor claiming that most malpractice settlements have gag orders or confidentiality clauses. Here is the quote: “When there are … Continue reading

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Sponsored Sorry Works! Tool Kit for April — Who Should Win?

Recently a patient safety advocate purchased/sponsored one Sorry Works! Tool Kit per month for the next year, and asked us to donate the Kit to anyone we wish. In March we awarded the Tool Kit to a hospital system working … Continue reading

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Toddler Dies During Routine Dental Procedure; Mom Wants Answers

14-month old Daisy Lynn Torres went to the dentist last week to have two cavities filled. Daisy needed to be put under during the procedure, but never woke up. A few weeks hours later she was pronounced dead at a … Continue reading

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