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Jailed Texas Neurosurgeon and Gag Orders

Unless you have been literally living under a rock, you’ve surely heard the story of Dr. Christopher Duntsch, the jailed Texas neurosurgeon who was recently sentenced to life in prison for deliberately maiming and killing several patients. Lots and lots … Continue reading

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The Folly of the Vanderbilt Apology Law Study

This past Saturday, Sorry Works! published a piece highlighting what most media outlets and “snarky doctors” missed about the recently published Vanderbilt Apology Law Study. Namely, that the study clearly stated to reduce lawsuits and litigation expenses, healthcare organizations need … Continue reading

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What “Snarky Doctors” Missed About Vanderbilt Apology Law Study

Recently, a team of Vanderbilt University researchers produced a study on apology laws that said, in short, apology laws either have no impact on medical liability risk and may even increase the risk of malpractice litigation for some physicians. As … Continue reading

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The Story of MedStar’s Disclosure and Apology Program

Over the years, we have shared disclosure success stories which either focused on individual cases or entire organizations that are embracing disclosure and apology. Perhaps, this might be our most powerful success story to date as we turn the focus … Continue reading

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Neurosurgeon Laments Dishonest Medical Culture; Urges Real Apologies

Neurosurgeon and attorney Dr. Lawrence Schlachter recently penned a column entitled “Medical Culture Encourages Doctors to Avoid Admitting Mistakes.” This column is not only a valuable read for clinicians and folks in risk, claims, legal, and c-suite, but also patients … Continue reading

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